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Connecting with your guides – Fall 2023

We all have spirit guides, guardian angels that are here to protect us, give us messages and help us. They can communicate in different ways, and we often don’t know how to listen or recognize the signs they send us. In this class, you’ll meet and make lasting connection with one (or several) of your spirit guides, meet your power animal and learn how to receive messages via different techniques. Be ready to meet your benevolent helpers!


Saturday. 2-5:30 pm. $75.




Get to know your chakras! Winter 2023

A 7-week course to change yourself to your-best-self.

Our energy centers or chakras are part of our subtle energy system, communicating between our body, mind and spirit. Each chakra corresponds to a specific part of the body, organ, and emotions. And when one or more of our energy centers becomes blocked, depleted or has too much energy, it can affect our health, mental or emotional state, relationships and more.

In this 7-week series you will discover what the 7 major chakras control in your body and mind and be able to detect if they are out of balance, and be given tools to heal, clear and strengthen them.

Each week is dedicated to one chakra, and will be rich with information and experiential learning. It includes guided meditations, visualizations, affirmations, partner work, essential oils, food, and more! Be prepared to engage all of your five senses during this    7-weeks journey.

  • Week 1: Security, Body & Grounding

  • Week 2: Emotions, Desires & Creativity

  • Week 3: Personal Power, Self-worth & Confidence

  • Week 4: Love, Compassion & Relationships

  • Week 5: True Self, Expression & Communication

  • Week 6: Power of the mind, Clarity & Intuition

  • Week 7: Aspiration, Trust & Purpose

Connecting with your guides
Get to know your chakras!
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